About CompassioNow

CompassioNow was founded in 2005 as a “social profit” organization focused on making a difference by supporting fundamental healthcare in rural Africa.  CompassioNow's mission is to “provide essential healthcare to the world’s least served.” The foundation works with local communities in order to assist them in developing sustainable medical care clinics. Making the difference in one life may be the key to changing an entire village or community. Replicating that change can lead to the transformation of an entire continent.

There has never been a better time to get involved in the world community – and you can do it with just your spare change. For a dollar a day you could become part of the Coalition of Caring, a group of persons connected by their concern for others. Healthcare in remote areas of Africa has been haphazard at best. That’s where CompassioNow comes in.  They are working hard to fund the basic necessities to sustain rural clinics and your contributions to Coalition of Caring will assist in providing these essentials. Joining is a snap. Log on to http://www.compassioNow.org and click “DonateNow!”  Then select the option to join the Coalition of Caring. Just $30 a month, about $1 a day, is all it takes to be part of something that is making a difference to the world.

Help support CompassioNow through purchasing products from Compassion Tea and donating to the Coalition of Caring.

Please visit their website at http://CompassioNow.org to learn more about CompassioNow.