Compassion Tea offers a wide variety of all types of teas, some great and some exceptional.  Each of us has our own preferences and we will not all agree but with Compassion Tea's selections, there will be something for everyone.  

Here is a brief tutorial to help you get started on the different styles of teas:
White, Green, Oolong and Black – All come from the raw leaves of the same tea plant, the Camellia sinensis.

  1. White – Least processed type of tea (not oxidized).  Made only from the buds of the plant (silver needle) or two young tea leaves and buds.
  2. Green – Freshly picked, steamed or pan-fried, rolled and dried (not oxidized). Often has a vegetative taste.
  3. Oolong – Partially oxidized, producing a rich flavor, best enjoyed through multiple infusions.   Never served with milk.
  4. Black – Fully oxidized and dried to become the black leaf known for its rich herbal taste.  Often served with milk and sugar.
  5. Tisanes / Herbals – Not a tea at all but infusions made with fresh or dried leaves, fruits, herbs, flowers, seeds, or roots.
  6. Tea Blends – Made by using one of the four major types of tea as a base. Ex. Infusing black or green tea with jasmine flowers makes a scented tea. A combination of different types of tea is also considered a blend.
  7. Decaf Teas – Teas with caffeine removed using the CO2decaffeination process.

Now continue on and explore all we have to offer:

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