At Compassion Tea Company,
100% of all profits go to support the efforts of the CompassioNow.  That is not a typo; 100%!  We are a team of people who love tea, are passionate about helping with the work of CompassioNow and wanted to pursue a new adventure in our lives.  So we are proud to offer a line of premium teas at great prices and with a heaping dose of helping the world’s less fortunate.

Compassion Member Loose Tea Preference:

126 Coconut Delight |    201 Bourbon Street Vanilla

Compassion Member Pyramid Tea Preference:

717 Coconut Delight | 712 Bourbon Street Vanilla

Compassion Member Decaf Preference

359 Decaf Chai | 201 Bourbon Street Vanilla

Compassion Premium Member:

815 Coconut Oolong  | 201 Bourbon Street Vanilla